Brand precision marketing with Strategist and Counselor Loren Weisman

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Brand precision marketing with strategist and counselor Loren Weisman. The podcast blog supplement for iHeartRadio’s Wait What Really Ok Episode 32: What is the worst episode ever of Wait What Really OK? This one.


Brand Precision Marketing:

The concept of Brand Precision Marketing is simple. it comes down to organizing your brand and marketing with an initial precision that will allow for all elements to compound and simultaneously grow for your promotion with every piece of content you create.

Brand Precision Marketing: Initiating the plan

By building a more detailed plan from the start when it comes to your logo, your font or typeset, your tag line, bio, call to action and base content, it will simplify the effectiveness of getting your brand out there.

With each piece of content that is created to highlight your brand and your message while at the same time using vicariously engaging as well as relatable content that has nothing to do with your brand, the effect and conversions of your marketing efforts will grow exponentially.

At the same time, you will save time and money as the application of Brand Precision Marketing works to power up all pieces of content as opposed to the methods of singular and linear ads, posts, videos and so on.

Brand Precision Marketing: Confusing but simple once all the pieces are in place.

With an organized brand, an editorial calendar in place and a blueprint on how to move forward. It ends up being much more cost effective for your marketing and your promotions. With a clear blueprint, whether you are handling marketing yourself or outsourcing it, you have a better brand, a better message and a better plan to reach that many more people.

Brand Precision Marketing with Loren Weisman

Brand Precision Marketing Strategist and Counselor Loren Weisman applies the concept of Brand Precision Marketing for start up and established businesses as well as individual clients and entrepreneurs. 

Contact Loren for a free initial consult and how this form of branding and marketing can help you or your business.

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Brand precision marketing with Strategist and Counselor Loren Weisman 

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Brand precision marketing with Strategist and Counselor Loren Weisman 
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