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Chapter 10: Music Marketing & Promotions

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Chapter 10: Music Marketing And Promotions Page from my music promotions book. Below are video and audio previews to The Music Marketing and Promotions Chapter of The Artist’s Guide to Success in the Music Business, 2nd Edition. Chapter 10 covers the fundamentals of marketing in todays music industry and the outlines for putting together the best marketing plan that will give you the best results.

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Chapter 10: Music Marketing and Promotions Video

Chapter 10: Music Marketing and Promotions Sample Audio

Chapter 10: Music Marketing and Promotions Track List

01. Ch. 10 – Music Marketing and Promotions – Opening Thought
02. Getting The Word Out For The Results
03. So You Think You Have a Background In Marketing And Promotion
04. Extending Your Networking Spectrum: Online Marketing 101
05. Marketing Time: The When Of Posting
06. Who Do You Represent When You Present Yourself?
07. Soliciting And Marketing Yourself, Your Message, And Your Promo Package
08. The Art Of The Email Contact: Reaching Out The Right Way
09. The Elevator Pitch: Communicate Your Point Quickly
10. Marketing Essentials: A Promo Package That Really Promotes
11. Press Releases And Announcements: Marketing Correctly To Fans And Media
12. Endorsements: Knowing How To Market Them And Being Sure You’re Ready
13. Reviews: Getting The Maximum marketing
14. Interviews: Marketing Yourself In The Media
15. Online And Offline Advertising For marketing And Promotion
16. Do The Math: Is Your Advertising Budget Creating Real Or Fake Numbers?
17. Give It Away Now And Then: Smart Marketing And Advertising
18. The Yin And Yang Of The Fan And The Band
19. Email Lists, E-Zines, And Artist Newsletters: Marketing Fan Exclusivity
20. A Few Tips For Being More Respectful On Your Social Media Sites
21. Social Network Site Housekeeping: Clean Up Your &#@%!
22. Shameless Promotion And Look-At-Me Posts: Sharing Or Showing Off
23. Surprise Your Social Media Fans And Followers: Be A Prude Now And Then
24. Separating Fact And Fiction: Posts And Stories On The Internet
25. Marketing The Name: Domain Names And Social Media Site Names
26. Tracking Your Marketing And Sales: Social media And Web Data
27. “But It Makes Sense To Me”: Unfortunately You Aren’t Marketing To You
28. It’s Never The Right Time: So Market And Promote-Now!
29. Maintaining The Momentum Of Your Marketing And Promotion
30. Ch. 10 – Music Marketing and Promotions – Closing Thought

30 Tracks
Total Run Time: 3:04:36

ISBN: 978-1-62634-157-9

Chapter 10, Your Band Is The Brand was narrated and recorded at Sand Dune Cottage Studios, Vero Beach, Florida by Loren Weisman. Chapter 10 was recorded on an Apogee MiC 96k for Mac Microphone in to Garageband on a Mac Book Pro. It was edited by Thom Lemmons and Published through Greenleaf Book Group. It was mixed by Jason Rubal at Seventh Wave Studio. It is available through, iTunes and Audible.

TAG2nd: Paperback – Amazon Link
TAG2nd: Kindle Edition – Amazon Link
TAG2nd: Nook Book – Barnes & Noble Link
TAG2nd: Audio Book Chapter 10: Amazon Link
TAG2nd: Audio Book Chapter 10: Audible Link 
TAG2nd: Audio Book Chapter 10: iTunes Link
Music Marketing and Promotions Chapter 10 Poster

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