In the recording studio is chapter 7 from the artists guide to success.

Chapter 7: In The Recording Studio

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Chapter 7: In The Recording Studio Page from my music industry book. Below are video and audio previews to In The Recording Studio Chapter of The Artist’s Guide to Success in the Music Business, 2nd Edition. Chapter 7 focuses on the aspects of the recording studio and the recording process from booking the right studio to working in the studio and how to get the most out of every session.

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Chapter 7: In The Recording Studio Video

Chapter 7 In The Recording Studio Sample Audio

Chapter 7: In The Recording Studio Track List

01. Ch. 7 – In The Recording Studio – Opening Thought
02. From Pre-Production To PostProduction
03. Studio Magic: Don’t Expect It Without A Bunny
04. Hiring A Producer, Coproducing, Or Producing It Yourself
05. Recording Studio Endurance: Train For The Sessions!
06. The Demo Session: A Greater Way To Prepare For The Full Recording
07. Pay Per Song? The Pros And Cons
08. Practice Blind To See And Hear Things You Might Not Be Aware Of
09. Organize And Optimize Your Preproduction
10. The Lyrics Sheet And Chord Chart: GPS For Your Songs
11. Expectations And Ground Rules In The Recording Studio
12. Session Players
13. Food And Nourishment In The Studio
14. Studio Wellness: Massage, Per Diems, And Stress Reduction
15. Video And Photography In The Recording Studio: Capture The Process
16. Production: Tracking Day Or The First Few Tracking Days
17. Separate The Tracks For Isolation And Easier Mixing In Postproduction
18. Click Tracks, Staying In Time, And You: The Hated Metronome Debate
19. Real Drums And Drum Machines: One Or The Other, Or Mixing Them Together
20. Percussion As Embellishments For Your Songs
21. Overproduction In Early Tracking
22. Tracking And Layering Guitars
23. Singing And Vocal Tracking
24. Point of No Return (PONR)
25. Postproduction: Get Out The Whisk And Start Mixing It All Down
26. Song Titles
27. Track Order: Creating The Best Flow And Notion For The Finished Songs
28. Patience In The Postproduction Phase: Preparing For The Best Release
29. Complacency Right Before And After Release: Avoid It!
30. Ch. 7 – In The Recording Studio – Closing Thought

30 Tracks
Total Run Time: 3:04:26

ISBN: 978-1-62634-154-8

Chapter 7, In The Recording Studio was narrated and recorded at Sand Dune Cottage Studios in Vero Beach, Florida by Loren Weisman. The chapter was recorded on an Apogee MiC 96k for Mac Microphone in to Garageband on a Mac Book Pro. It was edited by Thom Lemmons and Published through Greenleaf Book Group. It was mixed by Jason Rubal at Seventh Wave Studio. It is available through, iTunes and Audible.

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TAG2nd: Audio Book Chapter 7: Audible Link 
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