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How many social media sites should I be on?

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How many social media sites should I be on?  In the day of so many different sites and so much time spent on social media, which sites are best and worst to be on? And when does it all become too much?

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How Many Social Media Sites Should I Be On?

The short answer: As many as possible!

Think about it from the standpoint of reserving, controlling, branding, aggregating and planning.

Its not about adding more work for yourself, it is about reserving and controlling your brand name on a new or even older social media site. This keeps others from taking it on purpose or not realizing its already part of your brand.

Then, when you realize how times change and things change, that seemingly two bit site might become the next Facebook or Twitter and since you already have it reserved, you can begin to put more attention to it.

Here’s a video digging in deeper to the question: How many social media sites should I have?

How Many Social Media Sites Should I Be On? Lots!

If you have your basic branding in a template form, this will be very easy!

Simply sign up for the site, log the information in your passwords and then add your basic branding, one liner, tagline, short bio and the call to action that will send them where you want them to go.

You also may be able to aggregate or the site might be able to pick up updates automatically from somewhere else.

Still, even if it can’t, you have one more place with your name, your brand and your images!

How Many Social Media Sites and How Many Domain Names?

Think more along the lines of reserving, controlling and optimizing your band across all of social media and in different domain names when you ask how many social media sites you should have. Again, You are not reinventing the wheel here. You are not adding more work here. You are saving time and making things easier in the end as you continue to brand, promote and market your self in the best way.

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How many social media sites should I be on? As many as you can!

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