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What do you want from a like? Fans are more than numbers

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What do you want from a like? Stop treating fans like just numbers. what do you want from a like, facebook

What do you want from a like?

Are you caught up in the whole number collecting thing and forgetting that each like, follow or friend could convert potentially in to a real fan that comes to your shows, tells others about you, buys your music and purchases your merchandise?

A lot of people seem to forget this. They focus only on getting more and more likes and bringing those numbers high and higher, instead of thinking about the fans and how they can get turned off by artists that are spending more time promoting to get new fans, instead of continuing to engage with the existing ones.

What do you want from a like? Only playing by the numbers video

What do you want from a like?
Wouldn’t you like a Fan?

Get over the stupidity of trying to send numbers up through the roof. In most cases, those that only focus on the numbers are seriously lacking in the real fans. Great, you got ten thousand likes, but you didn’t make ten dollars last month on music, that isn’t working. Make the answer to the question, what do you want from a like?… To be, engagement, connection and conversion.

Show the consideration to the existing fan, the new fan and the people you are trying to convert in to fans by making posts that consider them all. Engagement with respect and treating fans like people will take you worlds further in the music business.

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What do you want from a like? They are so much more than just numbers.

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