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Business Speaker – Speaking beyond the Music Industry

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Business Speaker – Speaking beyond the Music Industry with Loren Weisman
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Business Speaker: Music is a lot like other businesses

Loren Weisman is available for speaking engagements, lectures, guest speaking, and seminars inside and outside the music industry. Many of Loren’s primary topics and his book have a focus on the music industry, but the aspects of branding, marketing, promotion and conversion are universal for any and all businesses.

A versatile business speaker, Loren is also happy to individualize and tailor his talks to specific topics or key points requested. Loren is also available to speak through Skype and other Video Streaming channels.

Business Speaker Loren Weisman and his speaking style

Loren Weisman is not a life coach and does not spend time sharing stories of the past and how things have changed. We all know that. The focus is to inspire and motivate while empowering and educating. The talks are based around conversions, proof of concept and the applications to the changing environments of the music business and other businesses as a whole.
This isn’t about sugar coating. His speaking style and information delivery is focused in making sure that each listener, from the student to the professional has a clear grasp of who, what, when, where, why and how of any situation put in front of them. While the circumstances and outcomes will vary and be different, these ideas and concepts can be used as a fundamental foundation to all of them.

Business Speaker Talking Points

Loren’s three most popular Seminars Include:
Realistic Business Careers 101
Online Marketing and Branding 101,
Budgets, Numbers and Business Plans 101.

Loren’s Other Topics Include: 
• Branding your product, your content and your images.
• Social media optimization, uniformity & continuity
• Marketing in an over-saturated market.
• Business plans and action plans for your career
• The importance of your education in music and business
• Funding – fundraising, investors, budgets and expenses
• The importance of videos and the content underneath them
• What makes people buy today? The Conversion Ratio
• How to build, maintain and sustain a fan/customer base that converts to sales
• How to market with out spamming
• Vicarious marketing and relatable marketing

business speaker, loren weisman

Business Speaker – Speaking beyond the Music Industry
Senior Branding Strategist and Partner for Create Wealth Communities, Loren Weisman aligns, defines and designs individualized branding, marketing & content planning for start-up and established businesses.
Create Wealth Communities LLC
“Educate, Build, Protect, Then Profit.”
More on CWealthC & Loren:

Business Speaker – Speaking beyond the Music Industry

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