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Open Mic Night Etiquette. Tips on how not to be a jerk

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Open Mic Night Etiquette. Tips on how NOT to be a jerk on mic night, drums, yamaha, regal tip

Open Mic Night Etiquette: Think of others.

Open mic nights can be a blast but are also chock full of people that have no consideration for the venue, those working at the venue or the other musicians.

This audio is track 21 from Audio Chapter 4: Managing, Performing, and Booking Gigs from The Artists Guide to Success in the Music Business.

The track is titled “Open Mic Night: Good Ideas To Follow And Bad Traits To Avoid” and gives a few tips and ideas on how to make an open mic night that much better for you and those around you.


Make an Open Mic fun for everyone

Even if others are not practicing or following these tips, don’t be the selfish kid that thinks: well, they aren’t, so why should I?

Open Mic Night Audio from The Artists Guide…

Showcase your self with your music, your professionalism and your respect in your headlining gigs and at open mic nights too.

And if you are looking for that perfect gift for the aspiring musician, The rest of the Chapter 4 Audio: Managing, Performing and Booking Gigs is available at the sites below as well as in eBook and paperback form.
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Open Mic Night tips on how to not to be a jerk

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