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Hotel Etiquette – Tips to make the best out of a hotel stay.

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Hotel Etiquette – Tips on how to make the best out of a hotel stay.

hotel etiquette
Hotel Etiquette Audio for The Artists Guide

The days are gone of the bands being able to trash hotel rooms and get away with it. They have been replaced by a requirement for good hotel etiquette and a realization that what you do in one place can haunt you at every other hotel you try to book or stay at.

On the other side of things, your efforts to be respectful and practice these good hotel etiquette tips will help get the word out about you, your band and possibly get you upgrades, better rooms and better prices.

This is the Hotel Etiquette track from the solo and band touring chapter 5 audio book version of The Artists Guide to Success in the Music Business.

Your Hotel Etiquette will follow you

How you act, good or bad will follow you on the road. Make that reputation a good one and take advantage of many upgrades, options and extras that can come along when you are

And if you are looking for that perfect gift for the aspiring musician, The rest of the Chapter 5 Audio: Solo or Band Touring is available at the sites below as well as in eBook and paperback form.

hotel etiquette, solo or band touring

Good Hotel etiquette is crucial on the road these days.
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Good Hotel etiquette is crucial on the road these days.

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