A few best etiquette tips for NAMM

Best etiquette tips for attending the NAMM Show 2015

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Best etiquette tips for attending the NAMM Show 2015
The best etiquette tips while you are at the anaheim convention center for NAMM

Best etiquette tips for attending the NAMM Show 2015 in Anaheim, California

The NAMM Show or National Association of Music Merchants Trade Show is coming to the Anaheim, Convention Center January 22nd, to January 25th, 2015. Kind of captain obvious info for anyone attending at this point, but some miss applying the best etiquette tips to make the event that much more productive for themselves.

But what some times is not so obvious is the etiquette to maintain, sustain and present when being at NAMM or any other trade show, conference or larger networking event.

These are not tips, but more so, best business, networking and professional practices and considerations to keep in mind that will make the experience that much better for the attendee and connect you that much more and in a much better way to other exhibitors, musicians, businesses and anyone else.

Top three things to keep in mind at NAMM

1. Businesses, artists and endorsers are busy!

Yes, they are there to meet people but they also have a busy schedule to keep. By keeping this in mind and keeping introductions brief and to the point, you will not only create a great first impression, but you will stand out in a sea of selfish spammers that want only for themselves, their products or their ideas.

So take the higher the road of consideration when it comes to meeting someone the first time and have a higher chance of a longer term connection or chance to speak at another time.

2. The NAMM Show is a great place for introductions, but not your full life/company/product/pitch story.

Again, just like your introduction, keep it short, sweet, compacted in an elevator pitch and ask when it is best to touch base and how they prefer to be contacted.

(Side note: Sending emails during NAMM…unless requested are going to be over saturated with a world of other emails. Give people time to get home, unpack, settle in and answer or erase emails, before sending yours. It gives it a better chance to be seen.)

3. They have heard it all before

Many people you are trying to connect with have heard the pitch or the idea before. It might be new to you, but to many of the NAMM trade show exhibitors, musicians and industry professionals, they have more than likely heard it.

Take this in to consideration as you get a chance to present and share the elevator pitch again as to the who, what, when, where, why and how about you, your product, your idea or your pitch.

NAMM can create life changing opportunities and connections as they state on their website, but it takes some one to think before they speak, approach or pitch to make it work the best. These best etiquette tips will allow for the best results when practiced.

Best etiquette tips: Its simple, logical and respectful

4. Stay with a sense of humility, while still being assertive.

5. Showcase your professionalism while showing your respect.

6. Enter a conversation and be a part of a conversation instead of trying to take it over.

7. Be patient and be considerate. Know the right time to approach and when not to.

(1 minute before a showcase is NOT a good time. Obvious, but anyone at NAMM has seen this happen a hundred times)

8. Have a good time and enjoy the atmosphere, the people and all the different companies.

Best etiquette tips for attending the NAMM Show: Be the Pro and Act the Part

The better you act, the better you will be received.

Be aware of those around you, because there will be tens of thousands of people there.

You won’t get to meet everyone, but grab the cards, flyers and brochures that draw the most interest and make those connections down the line.

Taking that approach with those best etiquette tips will make the NAMM show that much better for you for those four days and possibly for months to come.

And stop by the Wiley Booth #4711, Ill be there with the Wiley Publishing For Dummies group talking about Music Business for Dummies coming in June 2015.
namm 2015 what music means to me booth and how best etiquette tips will help you at the show

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Best etiquette tips for attending the NAMM Show 2015

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