Leveraging smart consulting and reasons why I say do not hire me

Do not hire me for consulting services

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Do not hire me unless you are prepared to follow through

steve moreau and loren weisman on why we say do not hire me

Do not hire me if you aren’t prepared to follow through

…or for that matter, you probably shouldn’t buy my latest book, Music Business for Dummies either.

It’s not about trying to be a jerk, but if you want to work with me or work with Leveraging Smart Inc, the results all come down to how you follow through.

Kind of like that Gavin Degraw song….

Do not hire me if you skip on the attention to detail

I am not here to hold your hand the whole time. If you need a hand holder, do not hire me. I am here to help:

– Deliver personalized assessments from a third party to audit current conversions and effectiveness.

– Create the foundation for your business with a business plan, a prospectus or an investment plan.

– Assist in identifying and organizing your brand, your bio or mission statement to align and define your message, product or service.

Do Not Hire Me…unless you are ready to do the work. One way is in developing a marketing plan that is driven on client content.

– Organize an editorial calendar with individualized templates for each style of content to achieve.

– Examine exactly what’s working, what’s missing and what’s needed

– Individualize a plan to the budget and time constraints that exist.

I work to enhance Content and Conversations Built For Engagement…

by focusing on:
Marketing and Conversions…
to create the best content…
on the strongest foundation…
with a diversity in the media delivery formats…
applying the most branded optimization…
while being shared across the most popular platforms.And many other aspects that apply to businesses, artists, entertainers and an array of other fields.

Do Not Hire Me…unless you are ready to do the work.

Whether I am hired for an hour, a short term package or a longer range advisory project, all clients in all fields have to look to learn how to take the reigns and not just have thing done for them.

In time, you may have some one take over your social media, have a publicist for promotion, an accountant for finances and others to handle the requirements that come with success.

Its your responsibility to ensure that as much work is done when you have people helping as when those helping hands are not around.

Do not hire me if you lack patience and endurance

It comes down to the long run, the endurance and patience to make sure you are doing it the right way for the right results. We can help you build the foundation, teach you the patterns, show you the methods and help you put together the best materials to build your dream, but in the end, you have to be the one to build it.

Do not hire me and do not hire Leveraging Smart if you are expecting things to be done for you. Hire me and hire Leveraging Smart if you are ready to work with us, learn from us and apply these aspects and directions after you are done with us. Cause if you don’t, you just wasted a whole bunch of time and a whole bunch of money.

If you can do the work, maintain the momentum and keep the endurance, drop myself an email at lorenweisman@gmail.com  and we can have an initial short call to see if it is the right fit for you and for me. 

Why its good for us to say do not hire me or us with steve moreau and loren weisman.

Do Not Hire Me…unless you are ready to do the work.

Senior Branding Strategist and Partner for Create Wealth Communities, Loren Weisman aligns, defines and designs individualized branding, marketing & content planning for start-up and established businesses.
Create Wealth Communities LLC
“Educate, Build, Protect, Then Profit.”
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Do Not Hire Me unless you are ready to do the work.

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