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How to get more Gigs. Repeat sessions and tours

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How to get more Gigs. Repeat sessions and tours as a backuphow to get more gigs, big boy, nashville, control room

How to get more gigs….

…by avoiding acting like the crazy ex and acting more like the type of person, professional and artist that others want to be around and work with.

How to get more gigs as a session or touring musician, comes down to understanding!

It’s not always that you did something wrong. Sometimes artists musicians and producers want to bring in a different person to bring a different sound, voice or energy to a recording or a show.

I played on a lot of albums where there were other drummers and I worked with artists on the road that used other drummers on following tours. But a number of them came back to me down the line.

Avoid the barrage of asking why they chose someone else, what you did wrong or how could they go a different direction. Because, in the end, they are the artist and you are a hired gun, not a band member.

Instead, go see a show if they are near by. Pick up the album or recording and be somewhat familiar with the parts and deliver a message or email saying if they ever want you for a session or tour again, you would love to be a part of it.

Humility is a big part in how to get more gigs.

Like I said, how to get more gigs and repeat gigs comes down to understanding that others might want to try other people, but if you musically, personally and professionally make yourself someone they want to work with, there is a good chance, you will work with them again.

how to get more gigs, st louis train station

How to get more Gigs. Repeat sessions and tours as a backup player

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How to get more Gigs. Repeat sessions and tours as a backup player

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