Five best tips for being productive with your marketing content

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Five best tips for being productive with your marketing content. The Podcast blog supplement for iHeartRadio’s Wait What Really Ok Episode 20: How much time should I spend creating content for the best results?
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Five best tips for being productive with your marketing content.

Its not about spending all your time on content and its not about using the oversaturated content or hiring someone else to update for you. There is a middle ground that can allow you to post effectively and productively while saving time and growing conversions.

Stop overthinking the posts, think as a customer and engage first, then add the call to action. Here is a solid list of five tips to make you that much more productive with your marketing content.

Five best tips for being productive. Streamline it!

1. Think like the consumer.
Ask questions, share answers and open discussions about things that might not have anything to do with you or your business. This style of engagement can help to make people dig deeper as opposed to being pushed away by the constant sell. Engage with information, then go to the call to action last.

2. Use a variety of media.
From the blog to the audio, the video to the photo, mix it up and play around with content. Don’t post the same format over and over. Extended and expand your message across the numerous digital mediums.

3. Create the templates.
Build the basic templates to help remind you of everything from post length to titles, from keywords to links and everywhere in between. Creating the templates for your blogs, videos, audios and pictures, can make filling in new content and filling up with more content that much easier.

Four of the five best tips for being productive! Build an editorial calendar.
You got an idea? Add it to the calendar! Don’t just post everything all at once. Allow your self the freedom to come up with ideas, posts and content that can be created over time and spread out over time for posting.

5. Think endurance.
Don’t try to create the perfect blog, post, video or photo. Don’t spend too much time or too much money on singular posts. Its cool to up the ante now and then, but think of content as something more consistent and regular.

Create fast and create often, but limit your time and your budget… This way you can put that time, budget and focus on the business at hand, instead of putting too much time in to the marketing of it.

Five of the best tips for being productive. Rinse and Repeat!

The continuity, uniformity and repetition of a solid foundation template will make creating and posting your marketing content that much easier and that much faster. Put together the base and everything you build off of it will be that much stronger and that much simpler to create.

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Five best tips for being productive with your marketing content
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