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Is radio advertising worth the cost? The podcast blog supplement for iHeartRadio’s Wait What Really Ok Episode 23: Am I spending too much on local marketing with too few results?
is radio advertising worth the cost, radio

Is radio advertising worth the cost?

When it comes to deciding whether or not to invest in to local radio advertising as a marketing approach, it is key to look at the market, the real results and the actual conversions.

Makes sense right?

Yet, so few people do that and often times get lured in to ads, packages and campaigns that cost way too much for the lack of results that come back in the forms of conversions and profits for their business.

Is radio advertising worth the cost and is it justified?

When you get the point where the pitching that is coming your way seems to make sense, then start to dig deeper to see if it actually lines up and makes sense to those that have used the same advertising plans.

Ask for a client list or to be able to talk to some one that has done a similar ad campaign. AND MAKE SURE, these are businesses that are proportional and on the same playing field as your business.

For example, if you contact a car dealership that sells Jeep Grand Cherokees, with their international brand, TV ads, print ads and heavy presence online and off, where they might spend the same amount as you on a similar campaign, if your business is a local mom and pop, you are not going to really know if those conversions came from radio.

Justify your decision by vetting the clients and the advertisers that are on the same level as you to find out if it can really work for you.

Is radio advertising worth the cost and are people actually listening?

In the area of Florida where I live, there is a radio station that has a number of hosts that claim for all these listeners, all this engagement and in truth they aren’t seeing even 5% of the hyped numbers they claim.

There is one guy with a show that sells billboards and talks about his level of listenership that has basically scammed people in to advertising. Yet, these advertisers find that they aren’t seeing anything. Point being just because he has convinced a whole bunch of people of less than a half truth and most of these people use other mediums to advertise (where of course this clown claims its his ads that are making the conversions) then that is not the best place for you.

Make sure listenership can be proven and make sure that you are not being handed stats for the day. That doesn’t showcase if the show is being tuned in to.

Is radio advertising worth the cost? In most cases these days, No

There are a lot of ways to spread your dollar further with social media, with publicity and content that creates better promotion and better stories. Instead of putting the focus on where to put a small or short ad on TV or radio, think of pushing the best branded content that will entice stories, entice people to bring you on those radio shows for free and give you a spotlight that you are not paying directly for.

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is radio advertising worth the cost

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Is radio advertising worth the cost?
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Is radio advertising worth the cost?
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