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Digital endurance content marketing method for podcasts explained.

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Digital endurance content marketing method for podcasts explained. The podcast blog supplement for iHeartRadio’s Wait What Really Ok Episode 26: How do you market a podcast? A digital endurance proof of concept.
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Digital endurance content marketing method explained.

Simply put, by adding supplementary elements that tie in and tie to your podcast by using other digital media, you are creating digital endurance content marketing.

Creating an episode like you normally would is the first step, but in that preproduction, as you plan for supplemental videos, links, pictures and blogs to complement that episode, it gives you four extra days of content.

Digital endurance content marketing rational.

With the correct branding and optimization of your primary piece of media or podcast, and then branding and optimizing four other pieces that tie in to the show but then supplement, you have a way to spread the message out, reinforce the message and continue to market the message with different formats.

With the pre-production along with the podcast of these extra pieces, it can make things easier, faster and able to set up in a more templates format.

Digital endurance content marketing. Don’t copy the content

When you add a video supplement to your podcast, don’t just have it be the video version of the podcast. When you add a podcast blog supplement, don’t have it be just a transcription.

Make them supplemental elements that complement. So a video that might only be three minutes long that expands on something discussed or a blog that goes further in to detail about something covered briefly.

In turn, this digital endurance content marketing style allows for each piece of your content to cross market the next and draw people in and connect them to the other pieces.

Digital endurance content marketing. My Proof of concept on Pinterest.

On my Pinterest page, you can see the examples and links to each piece of content all stored in one place for Wait What Really OK. Feel free to take this concept and run with it yourself. Or, if you need some help putting together the basic brand precision marketing plan for your podcast or would like some assistance with setting up templates for your podcast, reach out to me in the links below.

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Digital endurance content marketing method for podcasts explained

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