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Booking Business Speaker Loren Weisman

October 6th, 2014 Posted by No Comment yet

Booking Business Speaker, Loren Weisman for Speaking Engagements, Seminars, Signings, Conferences and Lectures.

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Booking Business Speaker Summary

Applying a down to earth, conversational approach, Loren Weisman is available for speaking engagements, seminars, keynotes, lectures and presentations that are personalized and individualized for the Music Industry, Arts and Entertainment as well as focuses in other arenas.

Loren Weisman delivers down to earth talks, fun presentations and humorous lectures with an audience to create engagement & enjoyment while sharing experience, knowledge & direction for those inside and outside of the music business.

Connect with Loren and give him an idea of what you want or what you are looking for. He is happy to individualize, personalize and organize any of the talk titles to fit your event, lecture, conference or engagement.

Booking Business Speaker Overview

The presentations from Loren also puts an emphasis on the importance and the best practices of engagement, conversations and conversions with the buying public, the professionals using the products, the sales teams selling the products and the connections to allow the products, messages and businesses to reach the widest array of people possible.

Mixing humor with audience engagement, cold hard facts with simple fun truths and opening up conversations that connect with the audience instead of talking down to them, allows for the best platforms for the best flow, tempo and retaining of the information shared.

These talks aren’t coming from a place of how it should be.
These presentations aren’t about life coaching or you can do it hype.
These seminars aren’t built off of hearsay, rumors or outdated approaches.

These talks are coming from the experiences and proof of concepts of someone that has navigated many different waters of the music biz!

These presentations supply real world and real time applications that can be put in to practice immediately with a focus on how to do it.

These seminars are built off proven facts, methods and practices that applicable and effective for today, tomorrow, next month & next year!

Booking Business Speaker Downloads:

Below are five downloads that include Loren’s Speaking Talk Titles, his consulting menu, the initial question form for clients, a one sheet and a referral sheet if you are interested in helping Loren get booked while earning some money through that referral.

Click here for the Extended Overview PDF: Weisman Extended Overview

Click here for the full Speaking Menu PDF: Weisman Speaking Menu

Fill out this sheet for a free 15 minute consult: Weisman Initial Question Form

Booking Business Speaker Loren Weisman Basics and Details:

Connect with Loren and give him an idea of what you want or what you are looking for. He is happy to individualize, personalize and organize any of the talk titles to fit your event, lecture, conference or engagement.

Airports Loren Flies From:

Vero Beach, FL (VRB / KVRB) Vero Beach Municipal Airport

Melbourne, FL(MLB / KMLB) Melbourne International Airport

West Palm Beach, FL (PBI / KPBI)  Palm Beach International Airport

Orlando, FL (MCO / KMCO) Orlando International Airport

Payments & Cost:

All speaking fees can be negotiated for the specific event and situation.

10% upon booking and contract signing
50% on day of the event
40% with in 30 days following the event.

Discounts available for full upfront payments, and final payments made on day of event.

Please Contact Loren Weisman through lorenweisman (at) gmail.com or via http://lorenweisman.com/ or https://artistsguide.net/

Loren Weisman
Brand Precision Marketing Strategist and Counselor Loren Weisman aligns, defines and designs individualized branding, marketing & content planning for start up and established businesses. The core focus of Brand Precision Marketing is organizing, developing & sequencing for conversions.
For more on Loren’s consulting & speaking options, visit:

Hosted by Loren Weisman, Wait What Really Ok is A Methodical, Comical and Informational Podcast covering the best approaches for business and the arts today. To listen to the Wait What Really Ok Podcast, visit:

Bring Loren in to speak!
Loren Weisman’s Speaking Menu & Talk Titles PDF:

Booking Business Speaker Loren Weisman
 for Speaking Engagements, Seminars, Signings, Conferences and Lectures.

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