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“Indie Groundbreaking Book: The Artist’s Guide to Success in the Music Business

New book gives artists a comprehensive map to music industry success…

The Artist’s Guide is at once a breakdown of delusions, a marketing manifesto, and a case study into the changing world of media and technology.” Independent Publisher – Full article – Click Here

Roy Wells, President and Managing Director, Triad Strategies

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They say that those who can do, and those who can’t teach. This book clearly is written by some one who was a successful musician and producer, and goes to great lengths to teach to those who could use the many lessons contained within its cover. Whether you are a musician, a member of a band, or any small business, these chapters will give you the ideas necessary for your success. I have recommended it to the parents of aspiring musicians, not only as a gift for their child, but as a must read for them.Roy Wells

Murl Allen Sanders – Chuck Berry, Etta James, Lee Oskar, Leslie Gore, Glenn Yarbrough

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“Loren Weisman’s book is, in a word, comprehensive. It is an impressive book chock full of practical advice for musicians interested in being successful in the music business. His book, The Artist’s Guide to Success in the Music Business, covers every aspect of what emerging artists need to know.” – Murl Allen Sanders

Midwest Book Review

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“The artistic mind doesn’t always lend itself to business. “The Artist’s Guide to Success in the Music Business” is the first volume of a guide from Loren Weisman to help musicians get their music careers off on the right foot to help them move away from their starving artist who works full time between gigs to a full fledged professional musician.
“The Artist’s Guide to Success in the Music Business” is a choice read for any aspiring music superstar.”
– Midwest book review

Jon Bermuda Schwartz of The “Weird Al” Yankovic Band

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“Loren is in touch and in charge with his unflinching, real-world strategies on the music business, and the delicious insanity that goes along with it. It’s a must-read for those who seek success.” Jon Bermuda Schwartz of The “Weird Al” Yankovic Band

Music Connection Magazine

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“Weisman addresses the topics that are essential to all musicians’ understanding of the music biz. Covering everything from production and performances tips to marketing career-building advice, he guides the reader step-by-step to self-empowerment and success.” – Music Connection Magazine

Doug Stebleton, Music Publisher and Music Producer

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“Being in the music business for over 25 years I have dealt with so many musicians, song writers and artists who just focus on the creative side of the business and tell me they will leave the business side to their managers, agents and producers which is such a BIG MISTAKE. It is called the Music Business and the business side is just as important as the creative side. You need to educate yourself. Loren Weisman does an Amazing job at explaining both sides of the business. From Recording in the studio, music publishing, marketing & promotion to music business plans, fundraising, dealing with investors and branding. He covers it all in this book. I highly recommend his book for anyone who is interested in any aspect of the music business.” Doug Stebleton

Doug Perkins, partner at; Outstanding Guitarist of the Year; and former staff instructor at Musician’s Institute

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“In a music industry that seems to change faster than a radioactive, mutating sci-fi movie space alien, Loren Weisman gives creative artists the most valuable thing that they could possibly need for success: the tools to make good decisions as they are hit with those changes along their road. In an industry where there is no shortage of ‘pro advice’ that usually is based on situations that have long passed or guesses that may never be, Weisman’s guide gives a common sense approach to showing where the potholes will probably be along the various routes a career could take, and how to prepare for them when—not if— they happen.” —Doug Perkins

Jason Rubal – music producer

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“Anyone who is even considering a career in music should read this book. When finished, they should start over and read it again. Without empty promises of being fake to people or sneaking your way past the hard work, this book explains exactly the way it is. I’m not saying the way it works is fair or pretty, but it is what it is.

If you read this book and truly ponder how to make it a part of exposing your artistic state- ment to the world, I would almost bet my career that you will be at the point in your career that you wish. Loren is one of the less than ten people in the entire industry that I feel comfortable recommending to my clients for advice. So, buy this book. Sit down, wipe the stars from your eyes, and start reading.” – Jason Rubal

Stefan Held – Owner, Head Producer at StevenHeroProductions

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“Finally a book written by a pro who has experience in basically every aspect of this industry. If you want to make music your full time profession or a lucrative part time gig you owe it to yourself to check out this book. Too bad it wasn’t around when I started out….it would have shaved off years from my ‘trial and error’ period.” Stefan Held