Christopher Laird Simmons, CEO of Neotrope® Entertainment and member of ASCAP, PRSA

November 20th, 2014 Posted by No Comment yet

“Trying to market a band, label, album, or tour is more complicated and frustrating today than any point in the past several decades. Too many choices, too many scams, and too little truth can because a “fluster cluck” of massive proportion when trying to properly plan or implement any kind of marketing or promotion effort. Luckily author, producer, and grand elder wizard Loren Weisman has survived many a skirmish in this arena and stays on the front lines of making head- way towards success.

His books provide plausible, realistic approaches to making sense from the chaos of ‘me too’ marketing, blind alleys, dumb bunnies, and evil doers, to glean clarity for those who might be led astray or fleeced in the worst ways.

There are no easy answers, but those seek- ing wisdom will find many tutorials, proper directions to skirt the quicksand—and with the least B.S. per page than anything I’ve come across—in Weisman’s latest guidebook. There is simply no downside to reading Loren’s book more than once, to provide a proper, solid foundation for any music industry venture. Highly recommended.”Christopher Laird Simmons

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