Terry Silverlight. Drumming credits include Natalie Merchant, George Benson, Roberta Flack. Flim Scores include You’ve Got Mail, Titus, Frida. TV Song credits include music in The Sopranos, Burn Notice and Smallville.

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“Loren Weisman’s offering is a must-have. Time and again I see youngsters with wide eyes and desire ready to conquer the music world with something new and special. That’s exactly the intent I had when I was their age and in their position. The difference between what it takes for one talented kid to make it over the fence to become a serious member of the world of entertainment and one who just can’t step over, has always been fascinating to me. This book explains in detail with heart and soul, professionalism and passion, what that fine line is in detail, and suggests what it might take to make that difference. I applaud somebody who has taken the time and effort to make this distinction in textual format and make it available to those who need it most. Finally, a book has been written addressing this very important discussion.”Terry Silverlight

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